About Our Choirs

Four Choirs

Training Choir (ages 5-6)

Junior Choir (ages 7-9)

Senior Choir (ages 9-12)

Show Choir (ages 12-18)

Professional Musicians

Our choirs are led by professional, experienced musicians whose love of music is contagious!

If you have any questions, please email Sabine: annasabinekrantz@gmail.com

Two Concerts per Year

Our choirs showcase their musical growth and enthusiasm in twice a year, in December and May.

Choir Descriptions

Training Choir (ages 5-6)

This choir is exactly what the title describes. It's a class for 5-and 6 year olds to get used to singing in a group. The songs are simple and repetitive, so everyone can learn them using hand and body movement. They will learn proper use of their voices. Some of the songs are for the concert at the end of the session 2 or 4, and some are just for fun! The kids will also learn to raise their hands and take turns when speaking in class, and other organizational skills. 

Junior Choir (ages 7-9)

These kids should already be familiar with the choir setting, and are now ready to learn some more complicated songs. They will learn songs in canon (a round), songs with sign language, and songs in different languages. They will also learn basic rhythm notation, and the solfege scale. 

There will still be songs just for fun and songs intended for a concert. We will also still work on big group management, such as raising hands before talking, and listening to what others say. 

There is no reading required for this group. 

Senior Choir (ages 9-12)

When the kids get to this age, the songs will almost always be in 2-part harmony, with option for a lower octave for any boys who are starting their voice change. This group will learn to use folders and sheet music to learn most of their songs, and will learn all the skills required to follow their own part on the page. They will perform their songs memorized (without folders). 

Senior choir will start learning choral vocal warm-ups in addition to their scales, and understand how to breathe and use their voices well as singers. 

Show Choir (ages 12 and up)

 Show choir will sing higher level choir arrangements in four parts, soprano, alto, tenor, and bass. If your child has not come up from Senior choir into this one, you will get an email asking which voice parts your child would prefer to sing. The level in this choir assumes that the participant has had previous choir experience. If not, please contact Sabine before signing up! 

The students will learn more specific vocal technique than in Senior choir, good vocal warm-ups and care, and basic sight-reading equivalent to NYSSMA level 2.

Spring Concert music

Our concert theme this spring is musicals! Training, Junior, and Senior choir will sing a medley of Disney songs from favorite movies, and Show choir will sing a medley of songs from "Moana", and two songs from the vastly popular broadway musical "Hamilton". Videos to the songs are posted below:

Be our Guest, from "Beauty and the Beast"

Training, Junior and Senior choir 

(1991 Disney cartoon version)

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, from "Mary Poppins"

Training and Junior choir

"It's a small world", from Dinseyland ride.

Training and Junior choir

"Colors of the Wind", from "Pocahontas"

Senior choir only

"I just can't wait to be King", from "The Lion King"

Training, Junior and Senior choir

"Beauty and the Beast" theme song (2017 movie)

Training, Junior and Senior choir

"Under the Sea", from "The Little Mermaid"

Training, Junior and Senior choir

How far I'll go, from "Moana"

Combined song for all choirs!

Moana Medley

Show choir will perform some of the songs from this medley, and the rest of the choirs will join for "How far I'll go". 

"My Shot", from "Hamilton"

Show choir will learn a shorter version of this song. 

"The Room where it happens", from "Hamilton"

Show choir will learn a shorter version of this song.