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A True Cooperative


Our co-op relies on parent involvement to keep the co-op program affordable and working smoothly.  Each participating parent will be assigned several volunteer duties for each 6-week session, based on preference and ability.  There is NO OBLIGATION to teach classes at our co-op!  Instead, we offer incentives so that those who can and are willing are able to teach for us (with some really nice perks!)

Primary Teacher


Primary teachers will plan and lead quality, hands-on enrichment classes for six weeks. Teachers are expected to buy any special supplies not stocked in the supply closet (for which they are promptly reimbursed). Teachers are also expected to plan a “sick day” lesson for their secondary teacher, in case of illness or other emergency.   Teachers are also responsible for making a phone call to his or her secondary teacher as soon as possible to inform him or her of the absence.  Primary teachers are also responsible for leaving their classroom areas clean, and will have the help of a dedicated secondary teacher for setup, breakdown, and to help with in-class activities. Primary teachers may leave older babies and preschool-aged children in the nursery while they are teaching. Please note that class size usually ranges from 8-12 children. 

TEACHER PERKS: Primary teachers will receive a generous fee discount (see above) as well as priority registration.

Secondary Teacher


Secondary teachers will be assigned one or two classes for the duration of the session as a helper for the primary teacher.  Secondary teachers are required to assist the primary teacher in setting up and breaking down the class, keeping order in the classroom, and assisting the teacher as needed. Secondary teachers will not be required to plan the class in any way; they are simply there to assist the primary teacher in making sure the class runs smoothly.  Secondary teachers may be called upon to teach a class (using a lesson plan the primary teacher has provided) in the event that the primary teacher is away.  We will place secondary teachers according to the parent’s preferences, and are happy to place volunteers in the same classes as their children if scheduling allows.

Nursery/Preschool Volunteer


We know how hard it is to volunteer with small children in tow! Parents who have babies or toddlers in the nursery room or preschool are not expected to teach or be away from their young children if that would cause the parent or child stress. Parents may simply stay in the nursery with their child(ren) while, on occasion, helping to watch the young child of someone who is teaching. They may also be called upon to help out with preschool activities as they are able. Depending on the number of parent volunteers, nursery and preschool volunteers may be called upon to perform light clean-up duties in the preschool and nursery rooms.

Hall Monitor


Hall monitors will sit in the hallway, making sure that all children get to where the they need to be in a timely and safe manner.  



1st Child

$65 (for any or all of the 4 periods offered)

Additional Children

$35 or all additional children enrolled in classes, including preschool

Family Cap

No family shall pay more than $135 per session for co-op fees

Primary Teacher Discount

Primary teachers receive a generous discount on co-op fees--up to 75% depending on family size!


Weather Policy

Co-op classes will be cancelled if the Jamesville-DeWitt school district is closed due to hazardous road conditions.  We will inform all families of any cancellation via our private Facebook group. 

Behavior Expectations

We expect parents and students to help maintain a safe and welcoming environment for both teachers and students.  If any student is found by the Board of Directors to be a consistent problem in this area, we will notify the parents and attempt to come to a fair resolution.  If reasonable attempts at a resolution fail, we reserve the right to cancel the student’s registration.  Please note that the use of personal electronic devices of any kind is not permitted during co-op classes (best to leave them at home!). 

Students MUST wear their co-op nametags at all times.


It is the parent's responsibility to inform the co-op about students with allergies that might prevent him or her from fully participating in any class.  All reasonable accommodations will be made to ensure all our students' safety, however we cannot guarantee an allergy-free environment.  Any student with a serious food allergy of any kind will not be permitted to attend cooking classes. 

Parent Expectations

All parents are responsible for their children while attending co-op and are expected to remain on the premises during co-op hours.   As a courtesy, we ask that all parents discuss with their child’s teachers any behavioral and/or learning difficulties that might make participation in co-op classes difficult.  Parents are also required to join and regularly check our private Facebook group, as that is our primary method of communication.

Sick Child policy

In order to maintain a healthy environment for your child(ren), please do not bring your child to co-op activities if he or she has currently (or within the past 24 hours) any of the following symptoms: fever, unidentified rash, harsh cough, large amounts of nasal discharge, lethargic behavior, diarrhea or loose stools, vomiting, head lice, pinkeye, or other infectious condition. 

Personal Belongings

East Side Co-op, its volunteers, and the church shall not be liable for theft or loss of personal property on the parish center grounds.  Should children or their parents choose to bring personal belongings to co-op, the students and their parents are responsible for ensuring that their belongings are secured.  Please consider leaving valuable items (especially electronics) at home. 

Taking a Session Off

If your family needs to miss one session, for a fee we will hold your place. The only exemption to the fee would be for medical reasons (including having a baby). Please note we can only hold your place one session per year.