A Program for Homeschooled High Schoolers

Dates and Location

East Side's High School Program is a Friday drop-off program in Fayetteville/Manlius, New York. We have options for the whole day, standalone classes, and a no-class option (no attendance) for those who want online SUNY college classes only.

For the drop-off program and standalone classes:

Fall 2018 dates for the first 14-week semester are Fridays from 9/7 through 12/14, with 11/23 off. 

Spring 2019 dates for the second 14-week semester are Fridays from 2/1 through 5/17, with 2/22 and 4/19 off. 

Classes run from 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM, with drop-off as early as 9:00 AM.

Students are welcome to bring breakfast to eat before 9:30 AM, and we break for lunch mid-day. 

We have adult supervision in classrooms and during breaks.

Spring 2019 Course Offerings (Click Each Course)

Native American History

Learn more about the unique history and distinct perspective of Native Americans...

Engineering Statics

 Statics is an essential prerequisite for many branches of engineering ...

Modern Art

Color outside the lines! Learn about famous modern artists and create your art...

Concert Choir

Learn the basics of vocal technique in this select high school ensemble...

Intro to Economics

This course will introduce students to basic concepts of macro- and micro-economics...

Game Club

Try your hand at strategy games...


Students learn to write plays by doing just that, writing plays...


Acquire some basic cooking skills...

SUNY Online College Classes

Heavily discounted dual credit college class options...

Heavily discounted dual credit college class options... 

Spring 2019 Schedule

Choose one class from each class period


High School Drop-off Program

Choose from our schedule of classes, up to 4 classes weekly, plus early drop-off option, lunch/recess time, and includes access to our discounted online SUNY college classes with full advising and mentoring, as listed below in the college class option. ($80 per credit college class fee charged by the college is not included.)

$195 per 14-week semester per student.

Standalone Classes

Choose any one class as standalone class. 

$100 per 14-week semester per student.

Online SUNY College Classes without High School Program

Access to $80 per credit online SUNY college classes only, with no drop-off program. The fee includes advising/mentoring for assistance with placement, help with paperwork, guidance with reaching professors, and weekly check-ins with your student. 

$100 per 14-week semester per student.


Weather Policy

Classes will be cancelled if the FM or ESM school district is closed due to hazardous road conditions.  We will inform all families of any cancellation via our private Facebook group.  

Behavior Expectations

We expect students to help maintain a safe and welcoming environment for both teachers and students.  If any student is found by the Board of Directors to be a consistent problem in this area, we will notify the parents and attempt to come to a fair resolution.  If reasonable attempts at a resolution fail, we reserve the right to cancel the student’s registration, without refund. 

However, if any student makes unwanted physical contact with a student or teacher, threatens a student, teacher, or the premises, or brings a weapon on premises, they will be immediately and permanently discharged without refund.


It is the parent's responsibility to inform East Side Learner's Association about students with allergies that might prevent him or her from fully participating in any class.  All reasonable accommodations will be made to ensure all our students' safety, however we cannot guarantee an allergy-free environment.  Any student with a serious food allergy of any kind will not be permitted to attend any cooking class that may be offered.  

Sick Child Policy

 In order to maintain a healthy environment for your child(ren), please do not bring your child to classes if he or she has currently (or within the past 24 hours) any of the following symptoms: fever, unidentified rash, harsh cough, large amounts of nasal discharge, lethargic behavior, diarrhea or loose stools, vomiting, head lice, pinkeye, or other infectious condition.  

Student Expectations

Except as allowed by a teacher and used for a specific class, or the need to reach a parent, please note that the use of personal electronic devices of any kind are not permitted for social media, web use, or anything else during High School Program hours.   

Students MUST wear their name badges at all times.

Students may not come and go from the High School Program premises without checking in /out with the Hall Monitor, and without a parent picking them up, unless written permission by the parent has been given.

We expect our students' clothing choices to not be distracting to their classmates, and contain no violent or racist images.

Personal Belongings

East Side Learners Association, its volunteers and employees, and the building owners of the class location shall not be liable for theft or loss of personal property on the grounds.  Should children or their parents choose to bring personal belongings to class, the students and their parents are responsible for ensuring that their belongings are secured. Please consider leaving valuable items at home.  

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