Session 3

Classes begin Friday, January 31. 

Day begins at 9:30 and ends at 1pm

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Preschool and Ages 5-6


Where making messes and learning through play is encouraged. Children will have opportunities to engage in an unstructured way with their peers to encourage social skill development. Structured activities will provide opportunities to develop fine and gross motor skills, explore various art media and sensory materials, practice listening skills in a larger group, and make music together.

Teachers: Karra B., and Susannah P., and Athena C.

Training Choir

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Art for 5s and 6s

The goal of this class is to introduce your little artists to famous artists and have fun creating art with everything from paint to glitter. This is a class for your kids to explore art and get messy in the process.

Teacher: Janie S.

Learning the ABCs through Literature

This class will cover the Alphabet using children's books to introduce a new letter each week. Through stories, crafts, discussions, and simple handwriting we will cover the Alphabet, simple science and simple geography. Each student will have their own folder with their handwriting worksheets to take home at the end of the session.

Teacher:  Jennifer P.


Let’s get little messy while preparing some yummy treats/food. Each week we will try a new recipe and connect our cooking with some book or a story that we will read while enjoying our food. During this class we will develop mathematical understanding ( measuring , setting up oven temperature) and apply our reading , speaking and listening skills . We will have lots of fun!

Teacher: Silvia G.

Lego Builders Academy

Each week students will be given tasks to complete/things to design and create using Legos. Some building will be done individually and some with a partner or team. We will play some Lego-based games and there will be lots of time for independent creating. (Each child will be provided with a Lego parts kit to use while in the classroom.)

Teacher:  Ellen J.

Stick Crafts

Teacher: Heather B.


Ages 7-8


Cooking, baking, decorating, mixing, cutting ..we will try it all. Each week will have fun trying different recipe while applying math skills through measuring, counting, sequencing and our reading skills as we read our recipes. Cooking is a universal skill!

Teacher:  Silvia G.

Junior Choir

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Australian Marsupials

Come learn about our pouched friends from Down Under! We will be talking about their habitats, diet, life cycles, and what the difference is between marsupials and monotremes. We will be reading different stories and making crafts all related to these fun and unique animals!

Teacher:  Abbi T.

Directed Drawing

Have you ever wanted to draw something but felt you didn’t know how?? In this class we will take a guided step-by-step approach to learn to draw a variety of things.  After the drawing process is complete we will use a variety of mixed media to bring our drawings to life.

Teacher:  Jennifer F.

History Pockets - Ancient Civilizations

Students will learn about ancient civilizations and do small projects using History Pockets. This course will require some reading and writing ability. 

Teacher:  Samantha K.

Geology Rocks!

Let’s learn about rocks and minerals in the earth’s crust. We’ll investigate igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks—and how they change and move during the rock cycle. We’ll collect, observe, and sort specimens, including geodes and fossils!

Teacher:  Erica H.

Ages 9-10

Winter Ecology

Learn about the science behind winter!  We will be inside and outside learning about wildlife adaptations, tracking, and winter survival.  Please dress accordingly.

Teacher:  Brandy C.

Senior Choir

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Game Mania!

Board games, card games, logic games, and more! Play and learn about how different types of games work. Then, create your own game, and let your classmates play it while you play their games.

Teachers:  Moriah H. and Kim L.

Famous Artists

In this class we will learn about 6 amazing artists; Claude Monet, Piet Mondrian, Henri Matisse, Jackson Pollack, Georges Seurat, and Pablo Picasso and explore different techniques and mediums.

Teachers:  Kim L. and Moriah H.


Natural Disasters: Earthquakes and Tsunamis!

Get ready to shake things up!!!!
We'll spend our 6 weeks looking at both of these very destructive events, learning about the science behind them and the devastating effects they have when they hit. This class will have lots of hands-on demonstrations and projects, and in-depth discussion of historical and current earthquake/tsunami activity.
As always, bring your questions, your teamwork skills, and above all, your curiosity!!!

Teacher:  Taylor K.

Winter STEM Challenges

In this class we will embrace this season and face 6 winter themed challenges: building a snowman, a snow fortress, a snowball launcher, a sled slope, a snowman, and designing a snowflake. 

Teacher:  Kim L.

Ages 11+


Typography, the art of arranging type, is a crucial component of graphic design. Type can solve problems, tell stories, and send messages to our brains! Together, we’ll employ the power of type as we make pictures with letterforms, build 3-D type, design type-driven logos and signs, and create our own fonts. All new projects!

Teacher:  Erica H.

Show Choir

See Choir Page


 We will approach writing in an outside-of-the-box manner, using various forms and techniques. This class will meet the writer where he/she is and help him/her gain confidence.

Teacher:  Moriah H.


We will take a trip around the globe.  Each week the students will pick a place to "travel" to.  In class, they will share their finds through short weekly individual presentations of their choosing.  We will discuss the different countries, cultures, foods, wildlife, economics, social issues, etc.  The kids will be assigned "souvenirs" (themes) to return to class to share such as drawing a flag of the country, bringing a prop, article of clothing, a game popular, etc. as an example of something that might be found in their travels.  We will mark the places we've "traveled" to on a map.  We will incorporate relevant games as well.

Teacher: Shauna M.

Introduction to the Dramatic Arts (and The Art of Being Dramatic)

In this introduction to theater and the art of acting, we will explore the stage in its many forms.  We will learn how "who, what, where, why, and when" impacts a role and a scene.  Each student will keep a simple drama journal (they can bring a favorite notebook or one will be provided).  We will work through story and character development and explore the importance of building an ensemble; where all students will work together, support each other, and provide an opportunity for all to contribute.  We will do many activities to focus on movement and use of space; focus and concentration; using our voices; and the art of listening, observing, and reacting.

Teacher:  Ellen J.


Make someone's day!  Each week we will brainstorm kindness and how to make someone's day.  We will discuss ideas of simple crafts we can make together to give as random gifts, "kindness challenges" that we complete during the week and report back to the group as well as random acts of kindness, we will discuss paying it forward and heartwarming stories that gain momentum and change lives.  Together we'll learn how easy it is to make someone's day and that kindness is contagious.  We will also continue to work on the yearbook, working alongside the kindness class in small, rotating groups.  We will begin designing the yearbook through a website as we discuss photography and design layout.

Teacher:  Shauna M.

Winter Ecology

Join us for this mostly outdoor class as we learn about the science of winter, why it happens in only a few parts of the world and the affects of global warming. We will track animals and talk about how they adapt to winter.  There will be outside demonstrations on how humans survive so please dress accordingly!

Teacher:  Brandy C.